As a child Pride was found by The Order of Apollo paladins. He was beaten and alone lost in the mountains. They raised him and showed him the ways of their order though being a goliath he never truly felt one with the group.. He fought hard and moved up in the ranks of his order, finding the majority of his brothers weak and not worth the symbol they all share. Relying mostly on his strength and might.

One night during a fever dream he awoke surrounded by his order dead at his feet. With blood soaked hands and visions of his brothers dying by his hands he hears a a voice in the back of his head. “You have done well, come to me and I will show you power beyond your imagination.”

Pride looked down at his mace, and grinned as he whispers “Anything you say Master”. Turning out of his orders barracks setting it ablaze burning all inside, making his way to his destiny.


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